Daily Archives: November 19, 2015

Tiger cats playing. cats at the g20 summit
The 2015 G20 summit recently took place in Antalya, Turkey and has just wrapped up. The world’s most powerful leaders were there discussing the pressing financial and global issues facing the world today. Obama, Putin, Merkel and the other leaders and financial wizards of the 20 major economies of the world. High level diplomacy. High level security. In a highly reported deviation from expected events, and despite the heavy presence of security,  personnel with stop watches and agendas, earpieces, bulging jackets, perpetual […]

Cat And Mouse At The G20 Summit

Joy for all companion cat
      Hasbro, the US toy and board game giant, has recently launched Joy for All Companion Pets. Aimed at senior citizens who might not be able to care for a live cat Hasbro created the cats to “bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones”. These robotic cats are built with all the attributes of a real cat including purr, meow, real fur and cat like actions. Using built in sensors they respond to action and touch […]

Joy For All Companion Pets by Hasbro