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Christmas cat
If the usual Christmas gifts don’t inspire your gift giving it is time to consider creative Christmas gifts for cat lovers. Nothing is more wonderful to the parent of Fluffy (or Slasher)  than a personalized portrait of  their much loved baby. So, this is the perfect gift. Unique, creative and personalized. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, for a variety of budgets. Etsy, the creative online marketplace for crafters, artists and makers of all sorts has talented people who will […]

Creative Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Herend cat
Looking for some seriously luxurious gifts for a certain person? Or, just would like to daydream about what you might get when you win the lottery? No matter what here are some seriously delighful luxury gifts for cat lover, just in case.         Herend, the luxury figurine company, has a range of delightful cats and kittens that come in various colors and styles. A great holiday gift that can be displayed all year round.     Royal Crown […]

Luxury Gifts For Cat Lovers