Daily Archives: December 9, 2015

Cat tee shirt
If you are stuck for a gift for a cat lover and really don’t know what to get this might be the perfect solution. Cat lovers love cats. This is worth repeating. Cat lovers love cats. All cats. Their own and others. Others including those much less fortunate. So why not give a gift that will speak volumes to the cat lover and will benefit some needy cats as well?     iheartcats.com has a range of great tee shirts […]

Stuck For A Gift For A Cat Lover?

Marks and Spencer cat mug
Looking for cute, cozy and entertaining Christmas gifts for that feline lover in your life? Look no further for some cute Christmas gifts for cat lovers.     From Marks and Spencers in the UK an adorable kitten pillow. This has to be the perfect gift for any cat lover as the cuteness will work for girls and guys, it’s not too intimate┬áso you don’t have to worry about the gift being too personal (and all the expectations, guilt and […]

Cute Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers