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Cat Valentine
With Valentine’s Day around the corner thoughts turn to love, romance, cupid’s arrows and warm affection for those around us. Whether it is for the love of your life, a crush, a swoon or a pal how to express what you want to say? Chocolates, bouquets of roses and hearts (lots and lots of hearts) may do it, but for the lover of cats how about something extra special. How to say “I love you?” or “you are the cats […]

Valentine’s Cards For Cat Lovers

The feral cat
  The feral cat is a domestic cat that is wild and lives on the edge of human society. Born and raised without human contact these cats are unsocialized, highly cautious and untrusting of humans. Like pet and stray cats¬†feral cats are part of the domestic cat family but have lost their ability to live with humans. Stray cats are either lost, have escaped or been abandoned by their owners and have had human intereaction and can possibly ¬†return into […]

The Feral Cat