2017 The Year Of The Cat

2017 The Year Of The Cat

2017 The Year Of The Cat

Happy New Year!


Will this be a bumper year for cats?

Well, do cats have whiskers?!

In 2015 cats took over the internet with funny gifs, videos and entertainment.

In 2016 certain cats became famous and became personalities in their own right with coloring books, print books, apparel and so much more.

What will 2017 bring?

No doubt cats will continue to be attract followers and lovers and will fill the internet with happy tails and adventures. Some dramas too.

They will continue to amass followers and devotees.

As long as the world needs love, a lighthearted touch and the comfort of a purr cats will prevail.

Stay tuned for as much merriment as you can stand, all of a feline nature.