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  They come into your life. Small and helpless. With those big ears that don’t really fit their heads. Or, maybe they weren’t so young, and were adopted, and came from another life. They looked at you with some kind of knowledge of………..what is it? And those eyes. They melt your heart. These wonderful creatures become part of your life. They intertwine their lives with you and snatch time. Parts of days. Whole days. A lifetime.     And one […]

Saying Goodbye To A Cat

This post contains some affiliate links   The winter blues. That overwhelming feeling that everything is blah and bleak and good weather will never come back and days of relaxation and fun are just mere memories and why are the mornings so dark and is the news ever anything but depressing and what to do about feeling so morose? Have you noticed that after the holidays the sales linger, but the stores sneak out new season things, to entice you. […]

The Winter Blues

New Year's Resolutions For Cats
This post contains affiliate links.   New Year. A fresh start, clean slate, the perennial do over. A chance to try again, change bad habits, make new ones? What person doesn’t try with resolutions, intentions, lists? As the old adage goes, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”. Or cat. New Year’s is the perfect time to look at your furry feline companion(s) and consider what would give them a better, healthier life? Diet? Exercise? Attention? A more […]

New Year’s Resolutions For Cats

2017 The Year Of The Cat
Happy New Year! 2017!! Will this be a bumper year for cats? Well, do cats have whiskers?! In 2015 cats took over the internet with funny gifs, videos and entertainment. In 2016 certain cats became famous and became personalities in their own right with coloring books, print books, apparel and so much more. What will 2017 bring? No doubt cats will continue to be attract followers and lovers and will fill the internet with happy tails and adventures. Some dramas […]

2017 The Year Of The Cat