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World Lion Day and the Terrifying Reason it Is Needed
August 10 is a special day on the calendar at Cat-Opedia central. Not just because it is a special person’s birthday. It also happens to be World Lion Day. A day to celebrate the King of the Jungle.     The magnificent creature with a mane and deep amber eyes.   Unfortunately, the day was created for a terrifying reason. 100 years ago there were 200,000 lions. Any idea how many there are today? A guess? 20,000. Take a moment […]

World Lion Day And The Terrifying Reason It is Needed

Cats In The News Summer Edition
Summer is in full swing Or frantically hurtling to a close – depending on whether you are a glass full or half empty kind of person – and there is so much going on it is possible to miss all of the cat news that has been going on. And there has been a lot. The cat’s have been busy. So here to keep you in touch with what you might have missed is a little round up of cats […]

Cats In The News Summer Edition