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Celebrating Valentine's Day If It Is Just You And Your Cat(s)
Valentine’s Day ♥♥♥ The day for love, romance, chocolates, flowers. Candy messages, lace doilies. Hearts. Or, maybe not. The fact that everything in February is red & pink and hearts & cupid’s arrows surprisingly only 55% of people actually celebrate this day. Which means 45% don’t. Quite a significant number. And they don’t quite know what to do. Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries and is can be found around the world, it has evolved into […]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day If It Is Just You And Your Cat(s)

What Do Cats and The 2018 Olympic Games Have In Common?
The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang South Korea have started with much fanfare and excitement in arctic temperatures.   Athletes are bracing the cold. Except for one fellow.     The dazzling displays from the skaters, the downhill skiers, the luge and much more will have billions of people glued to their televisions cheering on their country and favorites athletes. So what is the connection with cats and the 2018 Olympic Games? Well, it is big cats.     Meet Soorhorang, the official mascot […]

What Do Cats and The 2018 Olympic Games Have In Common?

Valentine’s Day is just ten days away. 10!!!   Time to get busy. As always cat lovers are taken care of with super cute cards. Here, to help you get in the mood, is a small selection of some of the cutest cards available – 10 purrfect Valentine’s Day cards for cat lovers. (Links to cards in caption)   Paper Source For tiny kitty lovers with big hearts who need to send several love notes these are purrfect.   More […]

10 Purrfect Valentine’s Day Cards For Cat Lovers

Super Bowl. Kitten Bowl V
Super Bowl 2018 is fast approaching and preparations are running high for the wings, salsa and nachos. New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans are hotly anticipating the game, have been in strenuous training and are now counting down to the big moment the game kicks off. Sigh But there is relief in sight for those of us want action of a fluffier kind!! Thankfully, as in recent years you can, once again if football isn’t your thing, you can […]

Forget The Super Bowl. Kitten Bowl V Promises More Action Of A Fluffy Kind