A Late Valentine For Your Cat (with Groupon)

 Late Valentine For Your Cat

Did you forget to give Fluffy a token of love for Valentine’s day?

No matter, Goupon has you covered with a late Valentine for your cat!

On special for a limited time they are offering a great self warming pet bed.

With a significant reduction.

Purrfect for cold winters nights. And days.

Super cute plush pet bed uses no electricity but the heat from kitty to warm this toasty looking little bed.

Available in several colors and design it is almost a giveaway at $5 reduced from $24.99!!!!

Looks like the perfect thing to keep your baby warm and share some love.

Go and check it out – quickly – as it is on offer for only a limited time.

There is going to be one super fluffy little guy getting one, or several, soon!