A life full of cats.

Moggy, pedigree, rescued, wild, feral, abandoned.

Black, grey, white, stripped, sealpoint, calico, tuxedo.

Cats that have their own frequent flier miles, 2 solid airline crates sit ready, just in case.

Up close and personal with quarantine and import licenses.

A purring companion in the night, a lap that becomes the end zone in a skirmish between opponents.

Little faces peering from deep in the garden, waiting to be found and fed.

A life with cats.

Many cats.

That is what makes up Cat-Opedia.


Cat-Opedia is the place to find the usual and unusual. Some facts, some fun, lots of things you never knew.

Have a cat? This is the place to be.

Thinking of getting a cat? Just wait until you see what they will bring to your life.

Think you don’t like cats? Are you crazy?¬†Be convinced otherwise!!


Cat-Opedia: the intersection of mystery, magic and mayhem.

No LOL cats here.

Just cats as the magical creatures they truly are.


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The Cast of Characters




Indoor cat
11 years old
Adopted wild from rescue group
Spends his days channeling Slasher, and occasionally, Fluffy
A daily lesson in nothing is safe from the cat




Feral Cat
16 years old
‘Adopted’ with his mother and sister from cat rescuers
The old man who spent his days sleeping, charming for food and dreaming of squirrel hunting in days gone by
A very long life, a very skilled hunter, a deeply independent yet loving wild one
His departure in the winter made the nights colder and longer



Pie Lambie

A backwards adoption, she found us
A true calico with enough love for the universe
Chin rubs elicited drools
Had more air miles than many humans
A bouquet of love wrapped up in fur
Still missing her






The cat that started it all
A kitten from a litter
The original little madam
Life’s first lesson in the necessity of neutering


Important Words
Cat-Opedia is written with a lifetime of experience with cats. And a lot of books and research.

Cat and animal ownership is a gift and responsibility. These creatures are not disposable and may live long lives, and have health issues.

Consider this before becoming a parent to one. They will share your life, steal your heart and that is the way it should be.

Animals should be for life.

Be a responsible owner.