Creative Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Christmas cat

If the usual Christmas gifts don’t inspire your gift giving it is time to consider creative Christmas gifts for cat lovers. Nothing is more wonderful to the parent of Fluffy (or Slasher)  than a personalized portrait of  their much loved baby. So, this is the perfect gift. Unique, creative and personalized. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, for a variety of budgets.

Etsy, the creative online marketplace for crafters, artists and makers of all sorts has talented people who will create a lasting memory for your giftee. Under the somewhat dubious category of “Urns and Memorials” they have over 4000 items listed for pet portraits, although some of the listings are for pet statues, pillows, and so on. Here is just a small selection of what is on offer.


Oil painting of cat

OceanGalleryShop will create an oil painted portraits of the feline love for your lucky recipient for $115.



Cat portrain

TheStardustStudio offers similar types of portraits in acrylic on canvas for $48.95



Needle felted cat


GourmetFelted with wire and other artistic materials will create unique felted cat sculptures. $325



Cat photo


Don’t want a typical portrait? has a large variety of art styles options to choose from. Warhol, cartoon, pen and ink, cut paper portrait? The choices are dizzying (yet, extremely fun)  and giving a gift to this website will keep a feline parent busy choosing, and then they will be able to enjoy the results with their wonderful artwork on display. Surely this is the perfect gift?


Sleepy cat ribbon


And to package your gift, gift card, certificate or whatnot wrap with this wonderful cat ribbon – Sleepy Cats On Green from Renaissance Ribbon which will up the anticipation and beautify the gift.