Back To School With Cat Style

back to school

back to school

Back to school.

Is there a better thought?



Well, yes actually, if you are a kid, teenager or educator.

But parents…..

……..are breathing a sigh of relief……whew, made it.


back to school


And with the sharpening of pencils and the charging of laptops comes the usual re-equipping of all those school items. Backpacks, lunch bags, pencils, notebooks, new school clothes, books, and much more.

Thankfully, kitty lovers are taken care. There are lots and lots of items that will help students, young and old, to have their new beginnings with style and class. It will bring a smile to their face and make getting out the door much easier.

So, with a little roundup of what is available here are some suggestions for getting your feline fix when you are away from Fluffy and Slasher.




Nothing says cat lover better than a well appointed backpack.

Away dull sensible colors, kitties are the way to go! Better to get these in while the students are young……’s not the typical cool high schooler who wants to proclaim they love cats. Or anything else for that matter.



back to school

1.  Gap
2. Emily and Meritt for PBTeen
3. Pottery Barn Kids
4. skiphop




Do you remember sitting at the lunch table and the battle of the lunch boxes commenced? The unbridled curiosity of who, or what, you were sporting was a sign of who you were. Well, the cat lunchbox straddles the line of cool or geek, fun or dull.



back to school

1. skiphop
3. PotteryBarnKids




Little people that love kitties need look no further than Gymboree, a stylish kids clothing place that knows how much cats are loved. A regular feature of their line are cat themed clothing and accessories. And this year is no exception. Unfortunately their super restrictive image blocking algorithm won’t allow images to be captured so if you want to see what is on offer you will have to go to the website.

Or you can head over to Gap who have a smaller range of cat themed gear, but are happy to share their images.


back to school


All images Gap

And from Hello Kitty there are lots of super cute things to choose, especially this little jacket which is great for heading out the door.


Happy shopping!