Black Cat Day #BlackCatDay

Blak cat day

Black cat day


Black cats are the stuff that stories and poems are made of.

Mysterious, magical, dramatic.

Beautiful eyes, hypnotic gaze.


Black cat day


Black Cat


So, why on earth don’t people like them????

Superstitions, folklore, witches, old wives tales.

The result is that black cats are harder to adopt to forever homes, are abandoned at a higher rate and spend more time languishing in  shelters.

In an attempt to combat this October 27th has been designated National Black Cat Day by Cats Protection in the UK. Through this campaign Cats Protection  are trying to  raise awareness of these beautiful and wonderful cats with competitions and events.  45% of cats their shelters took in during 2015 were black or black and white. Through this campaign they are aiming to find homes for these lovely creatures and dispel the myth. Reminding us that “beauty is more than fur deep” they hope to raise awareness and find homes for these lovely cats. You can find information on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.