Do You Think You Can You Train Your Cat? Only If You Live In A Circus

Cats are creatures of independence and cool inscrutability.

Often seen on their own they are ¬†animals that do not seem to exist to please their owners. Unlike dogs they don’t need to make their owners happy or have constant approval and rewards.

No jumping through hoops, rolling over, fetching and other trifling activities. An occasional beg or run after some wool is the most you are likely to get.

Or so you think.

So, how to teach them to do what you want?

How do you train your cat?

Get them to understand you?

Listen to you?

Obey you?


Over and over.

Like learning to walk.

Or learning an instrument.

Think back to learning to play the piano.

The violin.

The school trumpet

train your cat


That is how you go about training cats.