Cat As A Hat or What To Wear In A Blizzard

cat as a hat

Spring is just around the corner with the evidence of daffodils and crocuses peaking out of the ground.


Not so much for the east coast of the US where a full scale blizzard is in effect.

Fed up of winter, and want something to cheer you up?

How about a some cute and fashionable cat beanies and berets?

Eugenia Kim, a luxury hat and accessory line is sold in shops such as Barneys and Neiman Marcus  has an adorable line of cat themed hats that will brighten any winter outfit.

cat as a hat

Felix Black metallic wool hat is a bit pricey ($185), but the little ears are trimmed in mink so it will be cozy and warm for a spring like blizzard.


cat as a hat

Also available in chunky winter white this hat has cat ears edged with pearls $175.


Of course, it is a little late for today’s blizzard but next winter can’t be far away and these would be a perfect addition to the stylish winter wardrobe.

Looking ahead to spring  Gilt also has a collection of Eugenia Kim hats that are perfect for spring. In straw and lighter weight these fun little hats will make any outfit look so cute.

cat as a hat

Hot pink Caterina Beanie in hemp straw is fun and colorful. On sale at $119 for a limited time.


cat as a hat

Also available in black with beaded ear detail. $119.

And of course these would make lovely gifts for Mothering Sunday, Mothers Day or any special occasion.