Cat Themed Gifts For Mothering Sunday

cat themed gifts

cat themed gifts

March 26, 2017 is Mothering Sunday is in the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe.

Originally a Christian celebration it dates back to the 16th century. Traditionally it occurred on the 3rd  Sunday before Easter (the 4th Sunday of Lent) and was the day when people returned home to their ‘mother’ churches to worship. On their way they would pick flowers for the church of their families. In England young girls and women in service (household servants) would have the day off and return home and take simnel cakes they had baked. These light fruit cakes with marzipan were an indulgence after the intense fasting of Lent and were a welcome treat.

Today the celebration includes flowers, chocolates and tokens of love and appreciation to mothers. Nothing ornate, just gifts to show the mothers in your life they are remembered and thanked.

Here are some simple suggestions for any cat loving mother you may know who will appreciate these cute cat themed gifts.





The morning cuppa is certainly going to be much more enjoyable with one of the cute mugs available from John Lewis.




Or maybe a little piece of bling?




And just in case a traditional Mothering Sunday is what you are after here is a great recipe for simnel cake. Not too difficult or time consuming it is a fitting sweet. Or if you feel inclined to do a gourmet version try this.