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rory dobner cat decor
Lovers of cats have no shortage of cute, charming and sometimes comical items to display and show the world their adoration of all things feline. However, if quirky sophistication and surreal elegance are more your taste then look to the  work of Rory Dobner and his delightful world of cat design. A graduate of the Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design in England, a hothouse of art and design talent, Rory Dobner has a resume that is eclectic and impressive. His […]

The Absolutely Exquisite Feline Fabulousness Of Rory Dobner

October 25th The anniversary of the birth of Pablo Picasso. Born in Spain (1881-1973) this towering genius spent much of his life in France creating works across many mediums. Painter, sculptor, ceramist , stage design for ballet, printmaking, poetry, playwright. He was one of the founders of the Cubist school and brought about the modern art movement with angular lines, geometric shapes, collage and forever changed the art world.         And he painted cats. He was also […]

Picasso And His Cats

  Kitty Fisher (1741 – 1767) was a British socialite who, despite coming from a humble background, managed through her beauty, charm and wits to rise to  an elevated position, living a life of opulence and grandeur. She was the original celebrity. At a time of royalty and nobility she became an object of fascination, despite being without a title and born a commoner. Born Catherine Marie Fischer she is believed to have started life poor, as a milliner,  but an […]

Kitty Fisher by Nathaniel Hone (1765)

  Ohara Koson ( born 1877 Kanazawa Japan – died 1945 Tokyo Japan) was a Japanese painter and print designer known for his depiction of modern stylized animal prints. Considered to be a leading 20th century designer of bird and flower prints he often used woodblocks to make the prints. His work reflects the Japanese style of calm, spare refection with great attention to detail. His work is collected and prized and is often seen in poster form. Cat Catching A Mouse is one of the […]

Cat Catching A Mouse – Ohara Koson