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Cats and catnip
  Catnip Botanical name: Nepeta Cataria Common names: catnip, catmint, catswort Native to: just about everywhere except cold northern places and Antarctica Herbaceous perennial (not woody and grows every year): member of mint family Attracts butterflies and cats Deer resistant Drought resistant Uses – humans: can be brewed for tea / medicinal uses Uses – cats: (from wikipedia): “With domestic cats, N. cataria is used as a recreational substance for pet cats’ enjoyment, and catnip and catnip-laced products designed for use with domesticated cats are available to […]

Cats And Catnip

Black kitten in basket
Despite their reputation for aloofness and independence cats are really highly social creatures. To the uninitiated they may appear cool, indifferent and disdainful of humans. They don’t run up to you like dogs, or wag their tails and take off the contents of the coffee table but their  love and affection are obvious. Especially to their human family. Come home at the end of a long day away and Slasher and Fluffy will often rise, casually, and saunter over to you to […]

Home Alone – The Feline Edition

The feral cat
  The feral cat is a domestic cat that is wild and lives on the edge of human society. Born and raised without human contact these cats are unsocialized, highly cautious and untrusting of humans. Like pet and stray cats feral cats are part of the domestic cat family but have lost their ability to live with humans. Stray cats are either lost, have escaped or been abandoned by their owners and have had human intereaction and can possibly  return into […]

The Feral Cat

Big cats and boxes A lion stuck in a box marked for a giraffe
It is well known that cats love boxes and odd containers. The like to lie in them, sleep in them and play in them. Apparently so do the big cats. Big cats and boxes…..who would have thought? This great video shows the encounter some really big cats have when meeting a box for the first time. It seems that there must be a box gene in the feline family.  

Big Cats And Boxes

So, you think you know a lot about cats? Here are some really interesting cat facts that you probably didn’t know.   1 – About 50 million cats are overweight. 2 – Cats sleep 70% of their lives. 3 – Cats don’t really like milk. 4 – Sir Isaac Newton did not invent the cat door, cat openings were around in ancient times, approximately 6000 years ago. 5 – Cat use their whiskers to calculate if they can get through a tight […]

10 Really Interesting Cat Facts

Tiny kitten meets small stuffed dog
Cats as a species are notoriously independent, willful, creative and energetic. To the uninitiated they seem aloof and disinterested, sometimes disdainful of their humans. But those who have fallen under the hypnotic spell and have a feline in their life will know that these  adorable creatures have an arsenal of behaviors and activities to get what they want. Purring, rubbing, kneading are the obvious ones but more subtly they stare at you (unblinkingly), tilt their heads, fall on their backs, stretch […]

How To Train Your Cat