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October 27 It is Black Cat Day in the United Kingdom. Such a wonderful idea to raise awareness of these beautiful creatures.     Here is some information about black cats that you might not know (and may help you love them even more): King Charles I of England believed that black cats were lucky, and he had one. He believed that if anything happened to his cat his kingdom would collapse. Interestingly the day after the cat died the king […]

October 27 Black Cat Day #BlackCatDay

sand cats
The desert is a highly inhospitable place and very few creatures (beyond scorpions, snakes, fleas, cockroaches and other less cuddly creatures) call it home. But one of the cutest members of the feline family, the Sand Cat, can be found here.     The Sand Cat is a member of the cat family, a distant cousin of the delightful creatures that share our lives. A member of the genus Felis, and part of the family Felidae (Felis margarita) this is […]

Sand Cats – The Cats Of The Desert

Blak cat day
  Black cats are the stuff that stories and poems are made of. Mysterious, magical, dramatic. Beautiful eyes, hypnotic gaze.       So, why on earth don’t people like them???? Superstitions, folklore, witches, old wives tales. The result is that black cats are harder to adopt to forever homes, are abandoned at a higher rate and spend more time languishing in  shelters. In an attempt to combat this October 27th has been designated National Black Cat Day by Cats […]

Black Cat Day #BlackCatDay

Dolce and Gabbana love Cats
Cats are definitely in. There is no doubt about it. Not only do they rule the internet but they are taking over fashion. And not just any fashion, but the world of runways, super models and expensive luxury items. In the  fall and winter 2016 fashion shows many top designers featured feline items. Cat faces, cat bags, stripes and more were to be found tucked into the runway shows. Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Mui Mui (and what a perfect […]

Dolce & Gabbana Love Cats

cats in the news
  Despite being one of the most popular breeds Siamese cats aren’t for everyone. Don’t be fooled by their regal and noble appearance. While looking as if they can sit on a throne they are more like jesters. If you are considering a Siamese cat you should know that they are much like having a rambunctious toddler. Into everything, requiring attention, and giving so much love in return.   And possibly a little unruly. They are exceptionally intelligent which brings […]

Siamese Cats – A Little Guide

Close up or black cat
  Look at this gorgeous creature charming you with it’s gaze. Perched so lightly, the black cat almost seems to hover in thin air. The Black Cat. Absolutely, one of the most beautiful of cats. Sadly, also the most mis-understood. Fears and superstitions surround it, even to this day. Associated with bad luck, witches and curses. Seeing one in some cultures is considered an evil omen.  If a black cat crosses your path many believe that bad luck will befall them. However, certain […]

The Black Cat

  One of the most distinctive breeds among cats is the Siamese cat. Easily distinguishable by its coloring and points the Siamese cat is one of the most noble and regal breeds. The earliest known records of this cat dates back to the fourteenth century but its exact origins are unknown. Some think they come from Thailand (Siam) and others believe China but regardless this ancient and noble breed has a long history and lineage. They did not arrive in […]

Pedigree Cat Breeds – The Siamese Cat

The cat that is sitting adoring you with its eyes and hoping for a treat (or a lap) and is your companion is a domesticated house cat. But what exactly is a domestic cat?   A Little History The domestic cat is a member of the feline family and has evolved from the wild ancestors of thousands of years ago to become the popular animal that shares a life with humans. Approximately 30% of American households have cats and worldwide the […]

The Domestic Cat – A Look At The House Cat

Cheetah walking
The history of the cat and the cat family is one of a four legged species that made its first appearance around 25 million years ago. This was the time of the saber tooth tigers. Now extinct these creatures roamed the earth for a period of 42 million years and are not related to the cat of today. The cat as we know it originated 70,000 to 100,000 years ago. These cats were solitary hunters and unlike pack animals like […]

How A Cat Is Related To A Tiger – A Look At The Cat Family Tree