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Cats and catnip
  Catnip Botanical name: Nepeta Cataria Common names: catnip, catmint, catswort Native to: just about everywhere except cold northern places and Antarctica Herbaceous perennial (not woody and grows every year): member of mint family Attracts butterflies and cats Deer resistant Drought resistant Uses – humans: can be brewed for tea / medicinal uses Uses – cats: (from wikipedia): “With domestic cats, N. cataria is used as a recreational substance for pet cats’ enjoyment, and catnip and catnip-laced products designed for use with domesticated cats are available to […]

Cats And Catnip

Any better reason to hug your cat(s)? June 4th is the day you are officially to do it. Time and Date says so. It is a little unclear as to who actually thought up this unofficial day, clearly it wasn’t devised by cats, but it does seem to be celebrated around the world. According to Twitter. It even has a hashtag.     So the wonderful feline that you share your life with, who may not really be a cuddle bunny […]

June 4th Is Hug Your Cat Day

spring decor with cats
With the arrival of spring and longer days, brighter light and bursts of green and other colors what better way to refresh your living space (or any space) with some new, very cool cat inspired design objects? Now is the time to jettison some of  the clunky old things that have been hanging around during the winter and bring some new, upbeat trinkets into your life by adding spring decor with cats. If fresh is in your future you need […]

Spring Decor With Cats

What is it about cats? Sometimes they think completely outside the box. And sometimes inside the box. Despite their cool aloofness and superior air they can just make you roar with laughter with their antics. Check out what Bored Panda found and enjoy observing cats doing what they do best.  

Cuckoo Cats Part 2

Tiger cats playing. cats at the g20 summit
Cats are creatures of grace, wisdom, stealth, comfort. Sometimes you just need that spot of comfort and sweetness that only cats can give. And then there are the cuckoo cats.     Thanks to SINLOGO Animation on Vimeo for this cute and mesmerizing video.

Cuckoo Cats

Cats are taking over Hollywood
Yes, you read that right. Cats are taking over Hollywood. Finally the message has gotten through to the powers that be in Los Angeles that people LOVE cats. You don’t have to look far to see it. The internet is full of them. The news is full of them. People love cats and can’t get enough of them, and in this time of uncertainty and change the soft gaze and purr of a kitty is what everyone needs. Hollywood has […]

Cats Are Taking Over Hollywood!

WARNING!!!!   Is this you? Prone to addictive behaviors? Have slightly (or completely) compulsive tendencies? Lose track of time? Love cats? No….really love cats? Then read no further and hit return. Or escape. Don’t go on…..while you have a chance. Have you heard of Neko Atsume? No? Well you were warned. Neko Atsume Kitty Collector is a charming, delightful, mesmerizing, engrossing, totally addictive game from Japan where the main characters, actually the only characters, are cats. The cutest, roundest cuddliest […]

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector

Tokyo's cat cafe
No thought of Japan and their deep love and affection for cats could be complete without including cat cafes. Despite the belief that they were an created by the Japanese the first cat cafe was in fact invented in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1988. It was so popular it wasn’t long before they popped up in Japan. Hugely popular they can be found in many places and satisfy the need for people to spend time with animals that they can’t have in […]

Tokyo’s Cat Cafe

cool cat stuff from japan
Nyan Nyan Nyan Day and the love of cats, and all those super cute kitty related things that the Japanese have for their beloved cats makes you just want to jump on a plane with Fluffy and Slasher and go shopping in the coolest place for cats and cat lovers ever. Japan has truly cornered the market with cool cat stuff. Enough to make you dream of it!   Thankfully, there is the internet! If you want some seriously fun and charming […]

Cool Cat Stuff From Japan

Maneki - Neko
    February 22 is Cat Day in Japan. It is a day to love, celebrate, honor and basically just go nuts over cats. The Japanese are cat lovers to the extreme. Estimates are they have about 10 million cats and as Japan is a series of small islands this is a lot of cats. They even have an island just for cats. And architecture that looks like cats!       Japan is the originator of cat cafes. Good fortune […]

Cat Day in Japan Nyan Nyan Nyan

Valentine's Day Cards For Cat Lovers
  Here is super cute idea from the creative geniuses at Oh Happy Day for whipping up some delightful cat favors. These are perfect for cat loving kiddies or adults. Full instructions and not difficult you still have time to make these last minute Valentine’s favors. Who could resist someone who presents you with this? Forget the chocolates, go with the cat!  

Last Minute Valentine’s For Cat Lovers

How do you share the love of what is swirling around Valentine’s Day with your cat? The special companion who shares your life, home and possibly bed. With the love and care showered on them daily every day is like Valentine’s day for them. So how can you make it special? A trip to the pet store doesn’t help much.   Everything is for dogs. Chew toys, soft toys, pillows. Dogs can have new collars, leashes, haircuts. But there is nothing for […]

Showing Your Cat Some Love On Valentine’s Day