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Father's Day
~This post contains affiliate links~ Father’s Day Gulp. Just around the corner. Father’s Day………it’s really the poor cousin in the Hallmark family, but every dad – every single dad –  should have his day. Why not make it extra special with some cat themed gifts? Spoil the special dad in your life who might be a cat lover, or just a cat tolerater, or just the guy who supports your habit? Now is your chance to make his life purrfect with […]

Father’s Day ~ 8 Fun Gifts For The Cat Guy

Mothers Day is such a wonderful day full of sweet treats, little gifts and spoiling with love. Handmade cards, beaded necklaces and breakfast in bed. But there comes a time when these are no longer practical. You are grown up. Glue and glitter just won’t do. So how exactly do you spoil that special woman in your life? With an exquisite gift. Something elegant and exquisite. Cat themed, of course. Here is a small selection of some luxurious gifts for […]

Luxurious Gifts For Mother’s Day

cat as a hat
Spring is just around the corner with the evidence of daffodils and crocuses peaking out of the ground. Really? Not so much for the east coast of the US where a full scale blizzard is in effect. Fed up of winter, and want something to cheer you up? How about a some cute and fashionable cat beanies and berets? Eugenia Kim, a luxury hat and accessory line is sold in shops such as Barneys and Neiman Marcus  has an adorable […]

Cat As A Hat or What To Wear In A Blizzard

cat themed gifts
March 26, 2017 is Mothering Sunday is in the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe. Originally a Christian celebration it dates back to the 16th century. Traditionally it occurred on the 3rd  Sunday before Easter (the 4th Sunday of Lent) and was the day when people returned home to their ‘mother’ churches to worship. On their way they would pick flowers for the church of their families. In England young girls and women in service (household servants) would have the […]

Cat Themed Gifts For Mothering Sunday

Valentine's Day Cards For Cat Lovers
Valentine’s Day is almost here. Cat lovers can rejoice. There are lots of really cute cat cards out there to shower on your loved one. Whether it is Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Catentine’s, or little class heart throbs you are really quite spoiled for choice.   Hallmark, probably the original creators of Valentine’s day have a sweet range of cat and kittens cards.   Cute kitten with sweet message $4.99 Opens to the most adorable bundle of kittens. Purrfect for friends – […]

Valentine’s Day Cards For Cat Lovers

This post contains some affiliate links   The winter blues. That overwhelming feeling that everything is blah and bleak and good weather will never come back and days of relaxation and fun are just mere memories and why are the mornings so dark and is the news ever anything but depressing and what to do about feeling so morose? Have you noticed that after the holidays the sales linger, but the stores sneak out new season things, to entice you. […]

The Winter Blues

Mothers Day. First Sunday of May. Fixed date – like Christmas, Halloween, birthdays. You have had 11.5  months to plan and prepare. Breakfast or Brunch? Flowers or pasta necklace? Finger-paint or coffee mug? And now you don’t know what to do. Panic?!       Well, panic, not. Pottery Barn Teens have the cutest range of cat goodies that any Mom would love. Just look! Cute cat pouches.   Sequins for Mom? Backpack?! Perfect for work, baby, cat stuff. Cute! Cat […]

Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day. A day of simple (or extravagant) luxury for those women who are mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, foster moms. Surrogate moms, like a mother-to-me moms, aunties, mentor moms, or just plain caring women who are there. Always. Now is the time to show some love. And thanks. Sunday, May 8th. Only a couple of weeks. This is day for spoiling, pampering gifts and breakfast in bed or brunch. Or dinner. If the lady in question is a cat lover……good news. There are […]

Mothers Day Gifts From A Very Stylish Source

cool cat stuff from japan
Nyan Nyan Nyan Day and the love of cats, and all those super cute kitty related things that the Japanese have for their beloved cats makes you just want to jump on a plane with Fluffy and Slasher and go shopping in the coolest place for cats and cat lovers ever. Japan has truly cornered the market with cool cat stuff. Enough to make you dream of it!   Thankfully, there is the internet! If you want some seriously fun and charming […]

Cool Cat Stuff From Japan

Valentine's Day Cards For Cat Lovers
  Here is super cute idea from the creative geniuses at Oh Happy Day for whipping up some delightful cat favors. These are perfect for cat loving kiddies or adults. Full instructions and not difficult you still have time to make these last minute Valentine’s favors. Who could resist someone who presents you with this? Forget the chocolates, go with the cat!  

Last Minute Valentine’s For Cat Lovers

How do you share the love of what is swirling around Valentine’s Day with your cat? The special companion who shares your life, home and possibly bed. With the love and care showered on them daily every day is like Valentine’s day for them. So how can you make it special? A trip to the pet store doesn’t help much.   Everything is for dogs. Chew toys, soft toys, pillows. Dogs can have new collars, leashes, haircuts. But there is nothing for […]

Showing Your Cat Some Love On Valentine’s Day

Cat Valentine
With Valentine’s Day around the corner thoughts turn to love, romance, cupid’s arrows and warm affection for those around us. Whether it is for the love of your life, a crush, a swoon or a pal how to express what you want to say? Chocolates, bouquets of roses and hearts (lots and lots of hearts) may do it, but for the lover of cats how about something extra special. How to say “I love you?” or “you are the cats […]

Valentine’s Cards For Cat Lovers

Christmas gifts for cats and cat lovers Knitted tiger from Knit Your Own Zoo book
This post contains affiliate links. There is no surprise that many knitters love cats. And cats love knitters. Probably even more they love the wool. Sitting, quietly occupied, in a trancelike silence cats and knitters share so much. In quiet solitude they sit, counting rows, stitches, checking colors, or licking paws and whiskers. They often share their space with each other and both have developed cozy to an art. So, for this special group of feline lovers what wonderful holiday […]

Christmas Gifts For Cats and Cat Lovers – The Knitters Edition

Cat tee shirt
If you are stuck for a gift for a cat lover and really don’t know what to get this might be the perfect solution. Cat lovers love cats. This is worth repeating. Cat lovers love cats. All cats. Their own and others. Others including those much less fortunate. So why not give a gift that will speak volumes to the cat lover and will benefit some needy cats as well? has a range of great tee shirts […]

Stuck For A Gift For A Cat Lover?

Marks and Spencer cat mug
Looking for cute, cozy and entertaining Christmas gifts for that feline lover in your life? Look no further for some cute Christmas gifts for cat lovers.     From Marks and Spencers in the UK an adorable kitten pillow. This has to be the perfect gift for any cat lover as the cuteness will work for girls and guys, it’s not too intimate so you don’t have to worry about the gift being too personal (and all the expectations, guilt and […]

Cute Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Christmas cat
If the usual Christmas gifts don’t inspire your gift giving it is time to consider creative Christmas gifts for cat lovers. Nothing is more wonderful to the parent of Fluffy (or Slasher)  than a personalized portrait of  their much loved baby. So, this is the perfect gift. Unique, creative and personalized. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, for a variety of budgets. Etsy, the creative online marketplace for crafters, artists and makers of all sorts has talented people who will […]

Creative Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers