Cats And Catnip

Cats and catnip

Cats and catnip



Botanical name: Nepeta Cataria

Common names: catnip, catmint, catswort

Native to: just about everywhere except cold northern places and Antarctica

Herbaceous perennial (not woody and grows every year): member of mint family
Attracts butterflies and cats
Deer resistant
Drought resistant

Uses – humans: can be brewed for tea / medicinal uses

Uses – cats: (from wikipedia): “With domestic cats, N. cataria is used as a recreational substance for pet cats’ enjoyment, and catnip and catnip-laced products designed for use with domesticated cats are available to consumers. Common behaviors cats display when they sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip are rubbing on the plant, rolling on the ground, pawing at it, licking it, and chewing it. Consuming much of the plant is followed by drooling, sleepiness, anxiety, leaping about and purring.”

But does it really attract cats?

Cats and catnip



And what happens after consumption?