Cats At Clapham Common or How A London Tube Was Taken Over Cats

Cat in Clapham Common

cats at clapham common


The city.

Unless you live in a beautifully rural environment ( looking at you Lake District, South Dakota, Patagonia, and so many more) usually there is an assault upon your senses of noise, visual chaos, pressing humanity, and more. We are inundated and there is no control. And that is why the internet loves cats so much, and coloring books. A little place of calm and relief.

In London some extremely creative folks got together and decided they wanted to give people a calm oasis during their daily commute. Bring happiness and contentment. Remove the advertising. Clean up the tube (that’s subway for some, metro for others).

cats at clapham common


And they wanted to bring happiness.

With cats.

Yes, cats.

They hatched a plan to remove all the advertising at one underground station and replace it with something that brings about feelings of happiness.

With cats.

Saying “cats not adverts” they launched a Kickstarter project in spring 2016 and were able to raise the money to pay for the advertising space

Negotiations with the wise, and probably very cat loving, London Underground resulted in Clapham Common Station being covered for a 2 week period with the most delightful images of cats.


cats at clapham common


cats at clapham common


cats at clapham common


They replace 68 ads.


68 Advertising images that pulled weary commuters telling them to spend money, buy this, go here.

And instead they put up wonderful images of cats.

Glorious cats that peek out from the side of pictures, look at you straight in the face, literally passersby stop in their tracks.


And the best part is many of the cats are up for adoption, in a joint effort with the  Cats Protection League.

A win for everyone.

And people are slowing down and looking.

Possibly enjoying their commute just a little bit more.

Starting their day with a smile on their face.

Just wonderful!

cats at clapham common


Book a plane ticket fast, the event started September 12 and is on for only 2 weeks!


cats at clapham common


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