Cats In Pubs

Bag of Nails pub owner with cats

Cats in pubs


If you are thinking about a trip to Britain,  have one planned, or are already there why not consider a little side diversion to enjoy a true British moggy experience? For what might be the first of its kind in the UK  you can experience cats in pubs. A pub in Hotwells Bristol, England (a couple of hours west from London) has the perfect solution for those needing cat love.


Map of England showing Bristol



The Bag Of Nails pub has 15 cats that are residents and patrons can play, spoil and spend time with these little kitties while drinking their pint, enjoying some wine or nibbling pub fare. Charmingly named cats such as Caligula or Absinthe will keep you company, share your lap or rub round your ankles. Pub landlord Luke Daniels feels that having cats in the pub is a natural extension of his idea of warmth and fun. Acknowledging that people like cats he believes that too many pubs are “sterile and boring” and having the cats gives the pub a cozy inviting appeal. Of course those with allergies would be advised to stay away. Or take some medicine. A visit to the Bag Of Nails will offer the opportunity to have some great British pub food, warm beer, cozy fire and cat time. What could be better?


Cats in pubs