Cats In The News

cats in the news

During the ‘dog days’ of summer, when traditionally no news happens (really?) cats have been making some headlines of their own. In case you missed it, here are some of the most recent stories with cats in the news.

In August Italy suffered a devastating earthquake that killed many, and destroyed several small towns and villages. In the middle of the destruction there was an uplifting story several days after the earthquake, a cat name Joy was rescued.



And in southern Italy a tiny kitten was spotted floating in the water, and rescued by the Italian coastguard. Giving it mouth to mouth resuscitation!! It seems that Italy might just rival Japan for being devoted cat lovers. ❤



London, England
Across the Chanel in Britain, all has not been well inside the government buildings. Larry the cat (the chief mouser of No. 10 Downing Street) and Gladstone the cat (the chief mouser of No. 11 Downing Street) have been facing each other up.

It has not been pretty.

There has been fur. 



The most touching story of love and mothering comes out of Russia where a cats loves and cares for a baby monkey. Russia loves its’ cats too!