Cats In The News

cats in the news

Checked the newspapers, internet, tv recently? No? It’s hardly surprising…..there is so much bad news, depressing news, worrying news. However, if you have been avoiding everything you may have missed some of the most interesting features to be found. Yes, cats in the news.


New York City, the Big Apple.
Huge construction projects are occurring throughout the city right now. As multi-millionaires seek to make it their home more skyscrapers are rising and smaller buildings are being demolished to make way for them. New York city is home to about 500 feral cat colonies and they are being displaced. The New York Times has a really interesting video about this and is really worth watching. It just shows how much love cat people have for these animals. Protected by state laws it is a great story and certainly shows the enlightenment of the New York State Assembly in protecting the welfare of cats.


Working Cats Around The Country
The relationship between feline and human through history has depended heavily on the mouse and rat catching skills of cats. Thanks to this cats now snuggle in our beds and claim our laps. But these ancient skills are still in demand today in our modern world. The Washington Post has reported the tale of of certain category of shelter cats who are somewhat lacking in social skills (I am talking about you Slasher) and won’t make a good house pet but have excellent mousing skills and become high demand working cats. Free home and food…..what could be better?



Meanwhile in London
It seems that government agencies aren’t immune to rodents. The Foreign Office in London (the UK equivalent to the State Department) and Number 10 Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives) both have had to employ the cunning skills of cat to deal with their rodent problem. In matters of state there is no one better than a cat to resolve the problems. And the cat has a Twitter account!!


And Elsewhere in the UK
sigh. The Royal Mail is considering stopping mail delivery to a rather unfortunate homeowner as their cat Slasher Bella is nearly taking off the fingers of the mail man and is considered to be a “potential hazard” and a “threat” to the postman. Really? Come on, just get some gloves. Stiff upper lip and all that.