Cats In Unexpected Places – Disneyland Cats

disneyland cats

Disneyland Cats

Everyone knows The Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland.

This is where you go to meet Micky and Minnie Mouse, see the real Pirates of the Caribbean, ride Big Thunder Mountain Railway, meet Cinderella, climb Chip n Dale’s Treehouse, walk down Main Street USA and much, much more. Alongside all of this there are many things go on unseen that help to make this place so magical. Quietly away from the eyes of the visitors. Often at night to keep the magic going there is a flurry of activity. And one of these mysterious events are the Disneyland cats.

Yes, the Disneyland cats.

Lots of them.

A silent, stealthy army of felines who prowl the premises to keep away the rodents – run Mickey!!!! Disney folklore suggests that the cats were first discovered sleeping in Cinderella’s castle by none other than Walt himself . Refusing to have them removed from the park they were permitted¬†to stay in return for keeping the nasty potential rodent population at bay. These feral cats have evolved into a good number and are overseen to maintain their health and numbers. Rumors that they are fed by staff to avoid grazing in the trash cans and are given water show that they are cared for. They are neutered and monitored and have developed a cult like following with a website, Twitter feed and Instagram account. Even the established press has covered the story, but it is still shrouded in mystery.

Very few park guests have ever seen these elusive creatures as they often creep out at dusk to start their prowl through the park. But the occasional sharp eyed visitor has spotted them.  What an interesting addition to what goes on in Disneyland, and hopefully Mickey is safe.