Cats Are Taking Over Hollywood!

Cats are taking over Hollywood

Yes, you read that right. Cats are taking over Hollywood. Finally the message has gotten through to the powers that be in Los Angeles that people LOVE cats. You don’t have to look far to see it. The internet is full of them. The news is full of them. People love cats and can’t get enough of them, and in this time of uncertainty and change the soft gaze and purr of a kitty is what everyone needs. Hollywood has paid attention. 2016 will see the release of several cat movies to satisfy feline lovers everywhere.

April 29 sees the release of Keanu a comedy starring Jason Mitchell and Will Forte about a drug deal gone wrong and a kitten that has been kidnapped. And this is the cutest kitten. Possibly a little edgy for some, the kitten is worth it!


And what do Frank Underwood and Lester Burnham have in common? Both were characters played by Kevin Spacey who now moves onto the film Nine Lives, where he finds himself trapped in the body of his families cat. Called Mr. Fuzzypants. And he seems to really not like cats. Open August 5.