Cool Cat Stuff From Japan

cool cat stuff from japan

Nyan Nyan Nyan Day and the love of cats, and all those super cute kitty related things that the Japanese have for their beloved cats makes you just want to jump on a plane with Fluffy and Slasher and go shopping in the coolest place for cats and cat lovers ever. Japan has truly cornered the market with cool cat stuff. Enough to make you dream of it!

Thankfully, there is the internet! If you want some seriously fun and charming things for your pet look no further. With the click of a mouse (!), the swipe of a credit card, and the speed of a jet Japanese design can be yours and you and your cat can have some seriously cool cat stuff from Japan.


How about embellishing your books or envelopes with a really cute cat stamp? Fantastic – Japan has these sweet cat stamps featuring photos of several different cat breeds so you can personalize whatever you like. The stamped images come out in line drawings and are remarkably like the photo.


MochiThings have these adorable mini kitty house sticky notes! They contain simple instructions to assemble the box, lots of design ideas and then you get to use the sticky notes. So cute! And there are lots of different sticky notes to choose from. Something every cat lover should have.


And wait for this!


Cat marshmallows!!!





Forget your ordinary, run-of-the mill, pasty, white, nondescript marshmallows. How about these yummy little fellows? Possibly too good to actually eat Felissimo will jet these wonderful sweet delicacies from Japan to your door. And the best part (as if there could be something even better) is that 30% of the sale goes towards cat supporting foundations. So it is all for a good cause.


While there you can also get these cute socks which are like little cat paws! Soft and fuzzy you and your feline might be twins.


Or, if you find yourself away from kitty you can remind yourself of them with this novelty hand cream that smells of cats.

What an interesting idea.

Not sure about this one.




How about getting something for your cat?


Japan Trend Shop has this interesting little hat for your kitty that they suggest helps to decorate and protect your cat if they have an injury or need some healing time. Not sure the cat will love it, but who knows? Could this be the reason for Grumpy Cat?