The Grizzly And The Tabby Cat – A Tale Of An Unlikely Friendship

the grizzly and the tabby cat

In a world divided where there is no middle ground sometimes we can find lessons from nature.

What greater divide could there be than a grizzly bear and a cat.

One, a giant hunter with razor sharp claws standing taller than the tallest human.

The other, a small hunter with sharp claws that can only strike fear in rodents and birds.

Such an unlikely duo.

the grizzly and the tabby cat

Yet these two creatures, brought together in loneliness and abandonment found each other.

And formed a most unlikely friendship.

A giant grizzly.

A little house cat.

Think about it.

If two such unlikely creatures can form a connection, make a bond, develop an affection for each other and treat each other with care and gentleness¬†isn’t it possible for us?