Halloween Cats

Just in time for Halloween is a little fun for the holiday with cats in mind. Halloween is a holiday that seems to be growing every year with children, teens, adults and now dogs getting in on the act of dressing up, pretending not to be who they really are, and enjoying all the fun. Eating too many things not good for them, and enjoying getting scared silly. But what about the family cat? The more traditional way to include them is to lock them up so they won’t get upset with the knocking and ringing of the door bell with all the Trick or Treaters. However, times have changed and now even the family cat can get it on the act.

The Pinterest page Halloween Cats has a wonderful assortment of cats with costumes, cats with pumpkins, cat art and more.

Another Halloween Cats page on Pinterest that draws from many sources includes cat arts and crafts, facts, recipes and more.

The website LIfe Buzz has an article 28 Halloween Costumes For Cats That Will Put A Smile On Your Face. Frankly some of them look like they are offending the cats, but some are quite amusing.

Buzz Feed sums it up perfectly with 20 Cats Who Deeply Resent Their Halloween Costumes. They say it best – Halloween is for people. Leave these guys out of it.