Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day

To all those men out there who are lovers of cats.

To all those men who are lovers of cat ladies and support them and their cats and make loving cat’s possible.

To all those father’s who support their daughters and their obsession over their cat’s.


With just one more kitten.

To all those men who drag themselves out at night to pick up the cat food that you forgot.

To all those men who pulled out the ladder and climbed the tree while their children sobbed that the cat was stuck.

To my father who airlifted several cat’s to numerous countries we ┬álived in and walked to the town market to buy fish and chicken and prepared it so the cat wouldn’t starve.

Before I arrived.

And came up with some sort of litter.

And changed it.

To my husband who climbed a very tall eucalyptus tree to save the coyotte bitten cat and rushed us to the vet to save her.

And who sat with me through the tears over sick cats and so many saying good byes.

And had to go and do the goodbyes on his own, for me, when a beloved old friend arrived at his end.

To all you wonderful men, many who don’t even know who you are….

Happy Father’s Day!

Without you it would not be possible.