Joy For All Companion Pets by Hasbro

Joy for all companion cat

Orange Robotic cat



Senior citizen with robotic cat


Hasbro, the US toy and board game giant, has recently launched Joy for All Companion Pets. Aimed at senior citizens who might not be able to care for a live cat Hasbro created the cats to “bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones”. These robotic cats are built with all the attributes of a real cat including purr, meow, real fur and cat like actions. Using built in sensors they respond to action and touch but don’t require feeding or litter boxes. Available in 3 colors  – white, silver and orange – they retail for $99.99.  Marketed for the elderly it probably won’t be long until they become the next hot item for hipsters. Or the allergic.


instructions on how to interact with robotic cat