Home Alone – The Feline Edition

Black kitten in basket

Despite their reputation for aloofness and independence cats are really highly social creatures. To the uninitiated they may appear cool, indifferent and disdainful of humans. They don’t run up to you like dogs, or wag their tails and take off the contents of the coffee table but their  love and affection are obvious. Especially to their human family. Come home at the end of a long day away and Slasher and Fluffy will often rise, casually, and saunter over to you to greet you.

Or they will ignore you completely as part of the punishment for leaving them all day.

Or, they will race up to you, tail in the air and look lovingly in your direction (possibly with full purr), circling your ankles, while eyeing their empty food bowl.

No matter what they do they will inflict their unhappiness that you were absent. Like an archer’s arrow you will get the point.

So, what do they do all day while you are out?

Have you ever wondered?

Do you think they sleep?

Help is at hand with this very with this very informative video by Cole and Marmalade that will give you a little idea as how they pass the time.



So, what is a loving parent to do?

Up until now options were limited. Leave the radio / television on. Get a pet sitter.

But now the Uneeq Company has designed and created the most ingenious gadget for pet owners. Petchatz allows you to contact your pet through your computer, tablet or smart phone and check in with your furry friend and communicate.

You can see and hear them.

They can see and hear you and you can give them treats and send them soothing scents!

home alone



So, instead of wondering what is going on, like a baby monitor PetChatz allows you to be in touch with your fluffy love and to check on them and see they are well and safe.

What a great idea!

If you are someone who has to leave your cat(s) at home all day this is possibly a great solution. No more bored kitty!

Head on over to PetChatz and you can read and learn much more, watch cute videos about the product and see if this will help to keep you and your kitty closer while you are out.