Hurricane Harvey – Pets In Crisis


Hurricane Harvey is gone and the clean up in south Texas and Louisiana continues. There have been so many disasters that attention is continually diverted to what the immediate crisis is, and little to no news is heard from what already happened. It is easy to assume that everything is ok and progressing. However, there are news reports that animal rescue shelters are full to overflowing and with no where to place the animals there is a possibility that pets will be euthanized.

Country Living has reported on the situation in Houston and it isn’t nice.¬†There are accusations and finger pointing but the reality is that the shelters are more than swamped, pet owners can’t just turn up to be reunited with their pets if they have no home and are living in a shelter. So what do the shelters do? Truly an impossible situation.

A longer time period before decisions are made would help, and hopefully allow pet owners more time. has a petition requesting Governor Abbot to allow a 30 day hold on pets, giving extra time following this disaster.

Go sign it.

Let’s try and buy time for these traumatized animals, and their owners.