International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day


What a gorgeous creature to behold.

A sleek, deeply ferocious hunter who strikes fear into the hearts and minds of villagers where it roams.

Commanding respect and reverence.

So beautiful.

So deadly.


International Tiger Day


Despite this, and maybe because of it, the tiger has been hunted almost to extinction.

100 years ago there were 100,000 tigers to be found roaming globally.

Now, only 3000 tigers remain in the wild and their numbers are dwindling.

95% of the tiger population has disappeared in the last hundred years.

100 hundred years.

Think what this means. 

A world without tigers.

The disappearance of this magnificent big cat.


To raise awareness of this impending disaster in 2010 July 29 was designated International Tiger Day.

A day to try and alert the global community about the urgent needs for action to save these magnificent creatures.


So, what to do?

Small acts are the start of big changes. The World Wildlife Fund has lots of great suggestions.

You can sponsor a tiger or habitat.

Make a donation to Animal Defenders International who rescue circus animals and replace them in appropriate habitats where they can live humanely and appropriately. They have made several tiger rescues.

Most importantly become aware of the dire situation. Don’t think that because you see tigers that they are safe. They aren’t. Already there are several species of tigers who have disappeared.



International Tiger Day