June 4th Is Hug Your Cat Day

Any better reason to hug your cat(s)?

June 4th is the day you are officially to do it. Time and Date says so.

It is a little unclear as to who actually thought up this unofficial day, clearly it wasn’t devised by cats, but it does seem to be celebrated around the world.

According to Twitter.

It even has a hashtag.


Merlin Valentine


So the wonderful feline that you share your life with, who may not really be a cuddle bunny and isn’t always up to sudden displays of physical affection may not receive your love as enthusiastically as you would like.

You may meet resistance.

You may feel the muscles stiffen.

You may feel the prick of little talons claws.

Or the snag of teeth.

Or possibly you are the human to a little dollop of love.

Who purrs.

Whose eyes shut.

Who kneads you with deep affection and joy.

No matter which type of cat personality you have go ahead and share the love. Give them some hugs, kisses too.

And then run!

Better put on some Kevlar gloves first, just to be safe.

And full body armor.

And just find yourself wondering……did the brain behind this day even know anything about cat behavior?

No, I think not.