It’s June!! It’s National Adopt A Cat Month

adopt a cat month


June the 1st is a very busy day.

It is National Nail Polish Day.

National Hazelnut Cake Day.

National Heimlich Maneuver Day.

Wow! Who knew?

But much more importantly it also starts National Adopt A Cat Month aka Adopt A Shelter Cat Month.

A month long reminder that this month brings kittens, and so many that shelters will be bursting with them. Some kittens will arrive so young that they will need to be cared for in special care units where tiny cats can have their needs met.

You can find more information on Adopt A Shelter Cat Month with this link and read about the kitten nurseries here.

Most important is what can you do?

Adopt a cat or kitten.

Foster a cat or kitten.

Sponsor a cat or kitten.

Make a donation to a local shelter with money, food, blankets, or coffee and donuts for the staff.

Also, be alert. Keep a watch and listen for any little kittens that might be hiding as you go about your day. Sometimes they get separated or lost. Mother cats are wonderful carers but sometimes they get separated from their babies and the babies cry, so be vigilant.

With 30 days in June there is plenty of time to help one of these loving kitties.

So why not start now?

adopt a cat month