Kitten Nurseries

kitten nurseries

Have you thought about adopting a kitten yet?


kitten nurseries


It is midway through June and the shelters are full of kittens, some of them tiny, some of them older. All looking for loving homes and new mammas and pappas to take them into their lives and care for them, give them love and make their lives complete.

But caring for tiny little kittens is something that requires much care and thought and specialized training. The smallest newborns often arrive at shelters still with their eyes unopened, unable to feed and needing exceptional care to survive. And this is where Kitten Nurseries comes in.

Did you know there are kitten nurseries? Specialized units (similar to NeoNatal Intensive Care Units for human babies) that provide constant and individualized care for these tiny kittens.


Want to see 24 hours in the life of a Kitten Nursery? Cole and Marmalade has done a wonderful Go-Pro video exactly about this.



More detailed information about kitten care and developmental stages here.

And if you can’t adopt a kitten or cat you might consider being a kitten snuggler at one of the shelters or nurseries that are in need of additional helpers during the busy kitten season.

Go on, make a difference.