Luxurious Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is such a wonderful day full of sweet treats, little gifts and spoiling with love. Handmade cards, beaded necklaces and breakfast in bed. But there comes a time when these are no longer practical. You are grown up. Glue and glitter just won’t do.

So how exactly do you spoil that special woman in your life?

With an exquisite gift.

Something elegant and exquisite.

Cat themed, of course.

Here is a small selection of some luxurious gifts for Mother’s Day.


Luxurious Gifts For Mother's Day

Black Cat Pendant by Theo Fennell £2800

White gold and black diamond cat by Theo Fennell Limited edition of 50


Luxurious Gifts For Mother's Day

Medium Sicily Handbag £1.450

Dolce & Gabbana continue their love affair with cats, among others, with this stylish bag. While embellished with dogs the print is definitely feline.

Luxurious Gifts For Mother's Day

PRADA Cat Eye Sunglasses $280.00

Cats eyes are a fashion! How about some elegant PRADA sunglasses?


Luxurious Gifts For Mother's Day

STELLA MCCARTNEY Cat eye-frame sunglasses £180.00 £180.00

Stella McCartney with great cat color.

If you want to trip around in little cat feel Charlotte Olympia is the place to go. This designer has the most delightful shoes and accessories to make your feet purr. But for summer how about these delightful flip flops? Or stylish Kitty clutch?

Luxurious Gifts For Mother's Day



Luxurious Gifts For Mother's Day

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Clutch $995

These luxurious gifts are sure to please the most discerning mother and if they aren’t in your budget just remember, there is always next year!