National Cat Day

national cat day

It’s National Cat Day!

Time to celebrate those feline loves that rule share our lives.


National Cat Day


National Cat Day


If you aren’t sure what to do check out the National Cat Day website which has a great list of things you can do to celebrate this wonderful Caturday.

At the very least why not give your fabulous feline a special treat?

Or a long tummy rub?

Or, better yet, honor your adoration of the feline by sharing some love with those kitties not fortunate enough to have homes.

Go and visit a local shelter and take them a special treat, toys or food.

Make a donation to a shelter in honor of your favorite feline.

Visit with them, give them some time and make them purr.

Or, why not get a new forever friend and bring back a new love in your life?

If you feel like a little feline retail therapy ModCloth is offering discounts of 20% on their cat related items in honor of a recent wonderful cat adoption in their family.

And take a look at at wonderful room created by Laurel & Wolf for one very lucky kitty!

Whatever you do just love the kitty(s)!!!