October 29 Is National Cat Day

national cat day

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National Cat Day October 29


October 29 is National Cat Day a day when all things kitty are to be celebrated and enjoyed. Founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige, a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate, National Cat Day  aims to raise awareness of  all the cats that need rescuing and placing in loving homes and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the wonderful relationships they have with the cats in their lives. Their wonderful website is full of beautiful images of cats and kittens and strong yet gentle, statements  about what they believe a responsible owner should do: love, protect and spay and neuter. They have suggestions for how to celebrate the day, and generally give you the go ahead to spoil your kitty completely. Go and take a look and enter into the spirit of the day of the cat



Want some other suggestions on how to celebrate this day? CNN has some great suggestions including attending the Internet Cat Video Festival in Boston at the Berklee College Of Music. WQXR radio New York will be playing classical music with cat connections. And to put you in the mood a little something from Rossini.


If you don’t have a kitty to share the love with Uber is offering Uber Kittens. In 50 cities across America Uber will deliver a little bundle of love to your workplace so that for 15 minutes you and your colleagues can play, cavort, love, cuddle, and definitely brighten your day. Some of the kittens are avaialble for adoption so if you fall head over heels you can make your relationship permanent. What is not to love with this. Kittens with no work only love? Take a look at the fun Grace Coddington from Vogue had with her kittens visit.


If you feel a little retail therapy will help you celebrate the day zulilly has cat home decor items that are fun and will help to makeover your lifestyle in a feline sort of way.






Or why not spend the evening curled up with kitty watching some movies where cats are the star? Of course only happy movies should be viewed.


That Darn Cat by Walt Disney movie poster

That Darn Cat – Walt Disney



“That Darn Cat” by Disney is a fun comedy where the main character is a Siamese cat.






The Aristocats by Walt Disney movie poster

The Aristocats – Walt Disney

“The Aristocats” is an animated feature film by Disney about a Persian cat Duchess (beautifully voiced by Eva Gabor) and her kittens who inherit millions from her owner.








The Cat From Outer Space - Disney movie poster

The Cat From Outer Space – Disney

“The Cat From Outer Space” a Disney movie where the cat is an alien.








The Three Lives Of Thomasina movie poster

The Three Lives Of Thomasina – Walt Disney



“The Three Lives Of Thomasina” is a wonderful Disney movie based on the Paul Gallico book about a young Scottish girl and her beloved cat. Hankie alert for this one.






Cats & Dogs movie poster

Cats & Dogs

“Cats & Dogs” is a live action comedy focusing on the relationships between cats and dogs in a cyber situation where they animals get up to all the antics while their human owners aren’t aware.









However you celebrate the day just make sure you love the kitty that is in your life.