Saying Goodbye To A Cat

Cat-Opedia Questions about cats? Here are the answers. No fuss, no fur.


They come into your life. Small and helpless. With those big ears that don’t really fit their heads.

Or, maybe they weren’t so young, and were adopted, and came from another life.

They looked at you with some kind of knowledge of………..what is it?

And those eyes.

They melt your heart.

These wonderful creatures become part of your life.

They intertwine their lives with you and snatch time.

Parts of days.

Whole days.

A lifetime.


Saying Goodbye To A Cat


And one day you turn around and realize they are not just mature, but old.

They are like your grandad.

They don’t scamper like they used to.


Saying Goodbye To A Cat


Jumping is a thing of the past.

Getting up the stairs is an effort.

And reality hits.

This love of your life is old.


Saying Goodbye To A Cat


Years have gone by, time has flown and they are old.

You count the moments.


Saying Goodbye To A Cat


Hold your breath. Maybe you counted wrong. Maybe it’s not what you think.

Then one day, without warning, it is here.

That day.

The day you dread.


Saying Goodbye To A Cat


Something is different, has changed.

Is wrong.

And you have to become the parent, the grownup.

What do you do?

Where do you turn?

Mind numbing confusion.

Hopefully, you have a wonderful vet who will aid you in this part of the journey.


Saying good bye is painful.

Nothing prepares you for it.

But in the dark, quiet moments, your heart fills with the love that you shared with this most magnificent creature who quietly trained you to alert at their command.

And you smile with the joy that was given to your life.


Saying Goodbye To A Cat



Saying Goodbye To A Cat



Saying Goodbye To A Cat


Harry 2000 – 2016

Hopefully, you dear reader, have yet to experience this, but take courage from knowing that the little paw prints they leave on your heart do bring happiness and comfort. 

In time.