See The Kitten On The Wall ~ William Wordsworth

see the kitten on the wall

See The Kitten On The Wall

See the kitten on the wall, sporting with the leaves that fall,
Withered leaves – one – two – and three, from the lofty elder tree!
Through the calm and frosty air, of this morning bright and fail…
-But the kitten, how she starts; Crouches, stretches, paws and darts!

First at one, and then its fellow, just as light and just as yellow;
There are many now-now one-now they stop and there are none;
What intenseness of desire, in her upward eye of fire!

With a tiger – leap half way, now she meets the coming prey,
Lets it go as fast, and then, has it in her power again:
Now she works with three or four, like an Indian Conjuror;
Quick as he in feats of art, far beyond in joy of heart.

William Wordsworth 1770- 1850

see the kitten on the wall