Shelter Cats or How You Can Save A Life Today!

shelter cats

Tux (left) and Peanut Butter are available from Nooga Paws Chattanooga, TN


In case the days are running away from you, have you heard?

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. 

The month which starts with all the kittens arriving at shelters helps to highlight the plight of cats ~ young, old, healthy and unhealthy ~ and their need to find homes and love and companionship.

There are needs for homes for far too many cats and kittens.


shelter cats

Gracie and Georgie are available from Caring About The Strays Westwood, NJ


Which brings us to the somewhat delicate subject of shelters.

Not all of them are happy places where animals are given care and accommodation while waiting for new homes.

Many have quotas of how long they will keep an animal before they are euthanized.


That is……put to sleep.

A rather unsettling thought for animal lovers.

These shelters are often public facilities run by local authorities who are funded by the government and can only take so many animals as their facilities are limited. Once they reach their limits or an animal has been there for a designated time it is considered un-adoptable and put on the list to euthanize. Remember the dog catchers van in childhood comics? Yes, that’s probably them.


shelter cats

Matilda is available from Blue Cross for Pets Hertfordshire England


The alternative is no kill shelters where animals are kept as long as possible receiving care, while they wait for their forever homes. These shelters are often privately run by groups who do so on a shoestring budget with volunteers who try to socialize the cats (if they are wild), return them to good health, give them love and companionship while in a cage, and much more. Many of these no kill shelters take animals from kill shelters before they are euthanized to spare their lives.

So, what can you do?


shelter cats

Ina is available from ASPCA New York City

If you are going to adopt please check your local city / county animal shelter first and visit with the cats there. Your forever friend might just be there.

Look for a no kill shelter and see what little loves they have that might go home with you.

During the month of June many newspapers, television stations, pet stores and veterinarians are sources of information on little cutie pies that need homes. You just might see your new forever friend peeking at you in the most unexpected places.

If you can’t adopt a cat or kitten consider donating to your local shelter. They always need money, food, blankets, towels, toys and more.

Or foster one of the little loves for a month, two, or much longer.

Call them. The shelters have lists and lots of ideas of how you can help!

Or volunteer some time.

To get more ideas check out the ASPCA’s article with good advice and suggestions.


shelter cats

Doris is available from Cats Protection Trafford England


There are loads of animal groups around who will have some delightful, loving companions. If you need further purrsuasion check this out.

And to help you get totally into the feline beat…..