Showing Your Cat Some Love On Valentine’s Day

How do you share the love of what is swirling around Valentine’s Day with your cat? The special companion who shares your life, home and possibly bed. With the love and care showered on them daily every day is like Valentine’s day for them. So how can you make it special?

A trip to the pet store doesn’t help much.

showing your cat some love on valentine's day - Petco Valentine display


Everything is for dogs. Chew toys, soft toys, pillows. Dogs can have new collars, leashes, haircuts. But there is nothing for cats. Not a single special thing is available for Valentine’s day. What is a loving human to do? You can’t give them chocolates. Or flowers. Or perfume. But you can give them fresh catnip. A new bed. A new bowl.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give Fluffy or Slasher a new bowl. Something more fancy than ordinary. Something that elevates their meal time to fine dining. Now is the time to think chic, not sensible.

showing your cat some love on valentine's day Dots bowlsTails In The City ( sshhh, a dog store!!!) has an adorable range of bowls. Why should dogs have all the fun? The smaller sized bowls are purfect for your kitty and looks so stylish and fun! What cat wouldn’t love to eat from these? (even if they are a little deep for their faces they would be great for water)


showing your cat some love on valentine's day Pawprint bowl

In a more feline line they also have these cute paw print bowls and treat tins. In black and white this sophisticated look is edgy and fun at the same time. You can check out their full range here.


showing your cat some love on valentine's day Versace bowl

For the price of a small car your delightful feline can be spoilt totally and dine from a Versace double bowl. With echoes of Versaille and the French court this beautiful set will certainly elevate the kibble. Or salmon. And doesn’t your baby deserve something wonderful for Valentine’s Day?