Siamese Cats – A Little Guide

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Despite being one of the most popular breeds Siamese cats aren’t for everyone. Don’t be fooled by their regal and noble appearance. While looking as if they can sit on a throne they are more like jesters. If you are considering a Siamese cat you should know that they are much like having a rambunctious toddler. Into everything, requiring attention, and giving so much love in return.


Siamese cats

And possibly a little unruly.

They are exceptionally intelligent which brings along with it the need for stimulation and exercise. A bored Siamese is a troublesome cat. Can you spell mischief? This isn’t the cat that unravels the wool and causes problems. This cat will take the wool, play with it like a football, hide it, pounce on it, then run around the house with it in its mouth. You might never see it again. They find hiding places, pouncing places and nothing is safe from them. They look for fun. They are high energy. And they are talkers. They have distinctive voices and they know how to use them. They will have conversations with you, and they will have the last word.

Animal Planet has an useful series about different cat breeds and their video on  Siamese cats is interesting, and quite accurate. Take a look at Siamese 101 and see what these beautiful cats are like. If you fall under their spell, as many of us have, you will be in for a life of deep companionship and love, loyalty and dependence with a character who is unique and hypnotic. Just hide the wool now.