Spring Decor With Cats

spring decor with cats

With the arrival of spring and longer days, brighter light and bursts of green and other colors what better way to refresh your living space (or any space) with some new, very cool cat inspired design objects? Now is the time to jettison some of  the clunky old things that have been hanging around during the winter and bring some new, upbeat trinkets into your life by adding spring decor with cats.

If fresh is in your future you need look no further than Anthropologie, the inspiring lifestyle and fashion destination that is the benchmark of style and taste. The buyers / designers at Anthropologie (and its garden related sister store Terrain) showcase unique and interesting finds, not all ridiculously expensive either. Not usually a first choice for anything feline a recent visit revelaed they have an exquisitie small seleciton of very stylish, tasteful, and really fun, cats inspired objects.


The Farm Dessert Plate by Holly Frean ($14) features charming and delightful pictures of various animals to make dessert extra fun. Made of stoneware these plates are not flimsy and really could be used to hang on the wall and liven things up. Choose from several farm animals or just go with the plate with 2 cats or the plate with cat and dog.



Mugs and cups….take your pick. Your morning joe, afternoon cuppa or bedtime cocoa will taste so much better in these playful mugs.


Cat Study Mug $14


Hungry Critter Cup $12

How about a cookie or two to go with the tea or coffee?

Contented Cat Cookie Jar $68

This is just a little of the selection that is available which includes pot holders, tea towels and other kitchen and dining items. Not fancying anything for the kitchen maybe this wonderful trinket cat will steal your heart.

The Domesticated Trinket Dish $22 is perfect for rings, jewelry or anything small that you don’t want to lose. At 5″ x 4″ it is small enough, yet big enough to have many uses.

The ‘Jewel In The Crown’ of the collection (pardon the pun) has to be the Kitty Crown $24.

This gorgeous cat inspired crown is simply what you have to have for those days when you feel the world needs reminding that life can be too serious. Too dull. And what it needs is to be fun. Oh, and that cats really do rule.

Checkout the entire range of  fun and seriously desirable items at Anthropologie.