Stuck For A Gift For A Cat Lover?

Cat tee shirt

If you are stuck for a gift for a cat lover and really don’t know what to get this might be the perfect solution.

Cat lovers love cats. This is worth repeating. Cat lovers love cats. All cats. Their own and others. Others including those much less fortunate. So why not give a gift that will speak volumes to the cat lover and will benefit some needy cats as well?


Cat tee shirt. stuck for a gift for a cat lover? has a range of great tee shirts with cool imagery and messages on them, but¬†more importantly every shirt bought helps to feed 14 (FOURTEEN!!!) shelter cats! Fourteen cats that don’t have homes, or mommies, or daddies, or warm laps and baskets will be fed, kept warm and will be a little happier.

What could be better? You have a gift, your cat lover is happy, and so are a band of cats.

Cat tee shirt.stuck for a gift for a cat lover?


Despite the fact that the cut off date for order has passed don’t let this stop you. Buy the gift. To give just find your nearest school kid (who is no doubt way quicker than you on the computer) and get them to create a certificate, or gift voucher, or snazzy note with “Coming soon”…. and your giftee will be so overjoyed that cats are the beneficiaries of your creativity that joy will ¬†abound. And what could be better at Christmas?