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February 22 Means Only One Thing. It's Cat Day In Japan!!!
Japan loves cats.     As in adores cats.     They have cat cafes, a cat island, cat stores, the cutest cat themed food, the largest range of cat themed items that aren’t tacky, cat cosplay and so much more. So in their delight with the wonderful feline they celebrate a day in honor of the cat. February 22. Nyan Nyan Nyan day. Cat Day in Japan. If you don’t know about Nyan Nyan Nyan day you can read […]

February 22 Means Only One Thing. It’s Cat Day In Japan!!!

It's Cat Day In Japan
It is February 22 and to feline lovers the world over that can only mean one thing: It’s Cat Day. In Japan. Nyan Nyan Nyan. (literally translated meow, meow, meow – doesn’t have the same ring, does it?) In it’s 30th year this is the day those crazy cat loving Japanese elevate their feline friends to an even higher level of love.   Read much more about it here. If you want to keep up to date with events as […]

It’s Cat Day In Japan

~ It’s never too late to discover something completely new ~   Peaking around the local library a new discovery was made. Cats have permeated everything (and no, that isn’t the discovery) What do you get when you mix the Japanese love of cats plus their other obsession, manga? CAT + MANGA = ? Any ideas? Have a guess??? Black cat manga and anime!           Black Cat  is a Japanese Shonen Jump manga series written and illustrated by Kentaro […]

Shonen Jump Black Cat

japan's cat islands
Japan is well known for its love of cats.  Hello Kitty, Neko Atsume, Maneki Neko, cat cafe’s and more. So much more. And then there are Japan’s Cat Islands. Yes, islands. With an ‘s’. Most people who have heard about this think that the cat island is the island of Aoshima, a 1 mile long remote island off the coast of southern Japan. However, it seems that there are actually 10 other islands where cats rule. On Aoshima (nicknamed Nekojima, Cat Island) […]

Japan’s Cat Islands

WARNING!!!!   Is this you? Prone to addictive behaviors? Have slightly (or completely) compulsive tendencies? Lose track of time? Love cats? No….really love cats? Then read no further and hit return. Or escape. Don’t go on…..while you have a chance. Have you heard of Neko Atsume? No? Well you were warned. Neko Atsume Kitty Collector is a charming, delightful, mesmerizing, engrossing, totally addictive game from Japan where the main characters, actually the only characters, are cats. The cutest, roundest cuddliest […]

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector

Tokyo's cat cafe
No thought of Japan and their deep love and affection for cats could be complete without including cat cafes. Despite the belief that they were an created by the Japanese the first cat cafe was in fact invented in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1988. It was so popular it wasn’t long before they popped up in Japan. Hugely popular they can be found in many places and satisfy the need for people to spend time with animals that they can’t have in […]

Tokyo’s Cat Cafe

cool cat stuff from japan
Nyan Nyan Nyan Day and the love of cats, and all those super cute kitty related things that the Japanese have for their beloved cats makes you just want to jump on a plane with Fluffy and Slasher and go shopping in the coolest place for cats and cat lovers ever. Japan has truly cornered the market with cool cat stuff. Enough to make you dream of it!   Thankfully, there is the internet! If you want some seriously fun and charming […]

Cool Cat Stuff From Japan

Maneki - Neko
    February 22 is Cat Day in Japan. It is a day to love, celebrate, honor and basically just go nuts over cats. The Japanese are cat lovers to the extreme. Estimates are they have about 10 million cats and as Japan is a series of small islands this is a lot of cats. They even have an island just for cats. And architecture that looks like cats!       Japan is the originator of cat cafes. Good fortune […]

Cat Day in Japan Nyan Nyan Nyan

Maneki - Neko
The new year arrives and it is common to find people making resolutions, setting intentions and seeking good luck and fortune for the year ahead. For the lover cats then you need  look no further than the wonderful Maneki – Neko  (lucky cats) from Japan which are good luck symbols and welcoming talismans. Found in a variety of styles and colors these cats are portrayed with a beckoning paw (or two) which attracts luck and prosperity. Usually made in ceramic […]

The Lucky Cat Maneki-Neko